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Dennisha McThay has been designing and crafting her luxury handbags in South Florida since 2013. Dennisha McThay passion for designing handbags started at an early age. She's always had a love for arts and craft, fashion and accessories, which she feels has gifted her with her own style, artistry and creative vision. 

Dennisha grew up watching her mother design her hats for church and create bows for her shoes. Watching her mother's creative style helped Dennisha understand the importance of attention to details, quality and innovation. She stated her mother has always been the driving force behind her love for designing. 

Dennisha McThay mention moments as a little girl, her mother would have her hair full of bows and ribbons, dress her in beautiful dresses, ruffle socks and stylish shoes. Dennisha laughs and says,"I've known fashion all my life and it started from a little girl." She stands proud to be walking in her mother shoes and taking it a step further by customizing handbags for people all around the world.  

Dennisha McThay constantly receives attention from the media and has been featured in Chellea Magazine October 2015 and February 2016 edition,numerous fashion shows, charity events and numerous vendor oportunities. Her handbags has been seen in the hands of celebrity, 
Countess Vaughn from "Hollywood Divas" and other socialites at events. DMD handbags are displayed in Harrell's Fine Fashion store located in Lauderhill, FL. 

                                                DMD handbags are stylish,unique and creative!

  A Collaboration of Art & Style